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comment References for biologically plausible models of knowledge representation?
Great -- some new ones in there, as well as oldies I'd forgotten about. Also re-discovering the genius of McClelland and Rumelhart's original PDP papers. Thanks.
comment Modern replacement for Panksepp's “Affective Neuroscience” book?
Thanks for the Oxford Handbook suggestion. I'm sure the new Panksepp book will be good, but I hesitated to consider it a replacement as it seems to have a more popular-sciencey focus than the 1998 book, and it is about a third as long. (Although more searching now reveals an inconsistency in the book's page count; so maybe it will be more appropriate than I originally thought.)
comment How much more efficient is interleaving skills when learning?
Can we get a ref or a link for that Karpicke & Roediger blurb?
comment Do people have a tendency to stick to one opinion after they formed it?
My motivation in the first para is that consistency with established opinion is an issue at multiple levels: at the level of the individual, and also the level of the group; although perhaps, as you say, it would be more intuitive to lead in with the latter and then point out the former. Also, if you like the answer, consider marking it the 'accepted' answer if there are no others you prefer.
comment Can intense multitasking improve fluid intelligence/working memory?
I'd like a ref on how multitasking improves WM via N-back. Also, the conclusion to your question seems kind of obvious: there are many differences between N-back and Starcraft (what's the difference between a sardine and a Ford Pinto?) Further, multitasking might be pursued via a number of literatures: perceptual load; switching costs; mixing costs, all of which bear on this question, but all of which presume extremely restricted task sets. Comparing their WM effects to those produced by a video game seems apples to oranges.