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comment What is it called when a student tends to speak about what he knows? ?
comment What form might Jungian archetypes take in the brain?
You and the bulk of the neuroscience communhity @ChuckSherrington ...! The populaqr press went nuts for 'Jennifer Aniston Neurons' though. I suppose the alternative is to publish stories about a series of question marks and abstruse analytic techniques. If you are interested in the less pithy, but ultimately more likely, distributed picture, the best I can do is point you toward the first half of this excellent book:‌​5zzNMi-0QWDy9SECw&ved=0CDQQ6AEwAA !!
comment What is the effect of motherese on development?
...(at least the spirit of) motherese. Will try and find a quote this evening. As for the Smith paper, I have to admit to never having read it. In fact my only experience of it is as a reference in Fonagy and Target...
comment What is the effect of motherese on development?
Apologies, I should have made it clear that the role of motherese represesnts a small (if crucial) part of a large theory (the relevant portion is at the beginning of page 686). My mistake also linking to a paper I haven't read through the whole way (I'm just aware it is the canonical reference for their model): it certainly doesn't bring out the role of motherese to the extent the book does: rather referring to marking as incorporating "a display incompatible with the childs affect". In their book, though, their descriptions of marking from observations match closely with....