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comment Why don't people read instructions?
I doubt that there is a general explanation for this phenomenon and many factors are at play here. In the field of human factors the complacency effect has generated quite a bit of related research. This effect has also been termed learned carelessness.
comment Do eyes accommodate to color?
Were you thinking of something like color afterimages? en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Opponent_process
comment Is there psychoactive music?
I don't know much about the topic, but binaural beats---although not exactly music---may be worth looking at.
comment How can I create computer based psychology experiments using OS X?
Thanks for your comments. You're right, John, running Windows on your Mac is a possiblity. However, this way you have no access to your Mac applications while developing in Windows. I wanted to avoid the hassle of having to constantly reboot my machine when switching tasks.
comment How to reliably measure working memory capacity?
From what I've learned 7±2 is not considered to be a valid estimate of the mean working memory capacity anymore. There is also a question related to this issue on here cogsci. But this is besides the point. I know there are different concepts as to what working memory is. Some scientists even doubt the concept of seperate short- and long-term memories. However, as you have stated, working memory capacity is being measured in cognitive science and I'd be interested in standardized tests and their reliability.