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comment In what order do people notice another person's attributes (race, age, gender, etc.)
Forgive me for stating something obvious, but what people first notice in another person's attributes relate to the differentiation between the "in-group" and "out-group"... largely dependent on context. But as stated above, I guess if you're asking more generally, if memory serves me right, gender and race are two attributes that are noticed first.
comment Any research on right-hand/left-hand based preferences when interacting with an interface?
I am also left-handed (and left-eye dominant) but I use computer mice with my right hand, though I wonder if that's more because it's a habit and how I've always used a mouse. Similarly with scissors; as a child I found using scissors with my left hand incredibly frustrating so just eventually grew accustomed to using my right hand and still do so.
comment Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Limitations
Some people can be stubborn and stick to noncompliance. If a patient isn't willing to "try" or "listen", therapy will not be beneficial... working with patients with BPD can be difficult (for example) but could you elaborate on what you mean by "more treatable"? I mean, you're right, CBT is not the befitting form/orientation of therapy for everyone, but do you want to focus on the mentioned narcissistic mothers?
comment Can Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) present symptoms from very particular stimuli?
Sorry, I feel like my response is a little scatter-brained...I will try to fix this later.
comment How many bits of data would it take to represent an entire life as a film?
Is data compression allowed? :P Or use Kolmogorov stuff to find that one's entire life is filled with repetitious events. Just poking fun...
comment Does not consistently providing a reward strengthen operant conditioning?
Just as a tack-on, providing a reward at near 100% of the time could interfere with operant conditioning. A classic example is one where children like to, say, ask parents if they could have ice cream without having finished dinner. A parent may usually refuse, but if he/she gives in every so often - or on occasion - then a child will continue with repeating the behavior, knowing full well that the chance it's parent(s) will give in is, well, there.
comment What is the effect of motherese on development?
Been wanting some answers to your questions for some time now. An aside - given my disposition and previous experience in interacting with infants (not my own), I know I will not baby-talk to my children. In several or so years time I may be able to provide a detailed case study. Hat off to Piaget.
comment Are there any standard tests to measure psychopathy?
There's also a bit of an issue with how/if people differentiate pychopathy and sociopathy. I believe the general consensus is that antisocial personality disorder somewhat encapsulates the mental picture people have. Of this fascinating conceptualized idea of a human like... this would be.
comment Cognitive explanation of why beta blockers are effective for anxiety
[Just chiming in...] Beta blockers like Propranolol are effective for social and performance anxiety in particular. In dampening/mitigating physical symptoms of anxiety like uncontrollable shaking, pounding heartbeat, sweating, stuttering, etc.
comment Do people with ADD or Asperger's Syndrome often show different learning curves than neurotypical individuals?
Thanks for this. From my own personal experience or point-of-view, I have been diagnosed with AS/ADHD-PI in the past... I generally think of myself as a "slow" learner, and I could totally relate to the "click" that occurs all of a sudden - once I reach that boundary, I feel like I either can or do understand everything (whatever it is that I'm trying to learn), magically. And I have a very good memory /only/ when it comes to something I feel I have learned to the point of clear comprehension. Ramble, ramble. YMMV?
comment To what extent are correlations of father's age with birth defects and autism causal?
Interesting. :) I've heard of correlations of mother's age with birth defects. I feel like your first thought is valid.