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Hey all !

  • I kind of like stackoverflow better than facebook ...

  • My name is Fayssal OUDBIB, I come from a GIS background, but I am trying to shift slowly but surely toward programming. Being interested in more than one field or activity, I usually found myself confused : at a time I wanted to persue math, then I thought maybe a PhD in GIS, and now programming... Long story short : I think I'll stick with programming ! Yey !
  • I also like politicis, economy, philosophy, poetry, math, chess and
    talking to people (as long as they have some authentic ideas to
    convey :p ). I check other stack-exchange sites (math in particular), I find them really great.

  • If stack-exchange was a girl I would totally love her for life.
  • Goal : SOF = learning, so I aim for 10k in reputation.

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