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Don't know what to say here- I happen to know a lot of things about a variety of different subjects... I DJ, make and produce music, fix/repair all things computer and now cell-phone. I apologize for this being so short; it was either that or very, very long... and nobody wants that, now do they? :)

comment Do you need sleep every night?
I recently saw an article in (I think) scientific American where they told about this guy who wanted to find out if our bodies' natural sleep cycle was due to day/night or other factors. He went and lived in a cave with no way to tell if it was night or day and apparently after a while he naturally started staying up for two days and sleeping for one. They figured this out because he was keeping track of what day he THOUGHT it was, based upon when he slept, and missed the mark on the appointed day that he was supposed leave by something like a month.