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comment Does it take more cognitive effort to tell the time when reading a digital clock instead of analog?
I can't cite any research, but I would expect that this depends purely on which one you're more used to, or which one you were exposed to first. Personally, I learned to read digital clocks first and have very rarely used analog ones, so whenever I look at an analog clock I have to take a moment to convert the time to a digital form.
comment Neurosurgically grown neural link between two brains?
Thanks (to both)! In the interests of honesty, I feel the need to point out that it was actually my co-author who wrote all the most interesting neuroscience stuff and I was more focused on the sections dealing with possible social and philosophical consequences. :)
comment Is variation in human brain size related to mental functioning?
@Paul Ad hominems are hardly the way to judge scientific research. Especially the lower end of these correlations is still small enough that shorter people might on average have a lower IQ without this being particularly noticeable without resorting to statistical analysis. If you have contradictory data, feel free to publish it.