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My interests:

Comedy and Art:

I decided back in March/April, 2012 to combine Comedy with Art and start writing/drawing my own comics.

Web Development:

I wanted my own unique place to share these comics, so I started learning PHP to create my own website- Hitting Trees with Sticks.com, which I recently launched. Big thanks to the the Stackoverflow community for all of your guidance and encouragement.

Mandarin Chinese: (Moderator♦ on Chinese SE)

I've also been learning Mandarin Chinese for 6 years and have spent some time over in Taiwan (5 months) and Beijing (2 weeks). I was given the opportunity to provide interpretation for General Electric at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. To give back to StackExchange, I've recently become active in helping out on the Chinese Language and Usage site (http://chinese.stackexchange.com/).

comment What happens in your brain when a concept “clicks”?
@BenCole I've searched a good amount for it... "when the light bulb goes off" leads me to English Grammar-related questions, "What’s Happening When Something Clicks?" gives one or two decent articles, like one from xraylistening.com, but doesn't really scientifically answer my question. "Aha moment" just tells me about the feeling. These are just a few of the searches I've done. So, I have put in some effort, but haven't gotten a satisfactory answer.