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history, science-fiction and fantasy, languages, backpacking, orienteering, geocaching

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comment Why is working memory so small?
I've read somewhere a notice, that the researches on autistic savants suggests, that our brain development has reached it's natural limits. More working memory could weaken the central coherence etc. I'd be interested to find some reasearch in that area too.
comment What makes us look into camera lens when we're being filmed?
Ive read about autistic girl being model with notice the good thing were she didn't automatically stare into lens, so it could be the same mechanism that makes us looking in people's eyes.
comment Is there a causal connection between repressive sexual morality and antisocial behavior?
Those were also very small groups. I can barely imagine a methology that would lead to answering that question, but the connection between overcrowding and agression are quite good documented, I remember reading about social experiments on rats and pidgeons.
comment Is there a causal connection between repressive sexual morality and antisocial behavior?
Imagination can show many things that have nothing to do with reality.
comment Can scientific evidence support concepts of the soul?
It is unclear what you are asking. What is the concept of soul you are referring to? What are the premises of that theory?
comment Is the eye direction language dependent on the direction of writing?
I've noticed that I'm doing exactly that when I'm thinking of sth, and other people must notice that because they know that I'm thinking about something and not finding the answer in memory because they're guessing that, so they must use some hints...