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comment Does adopting personal routines accelerate cognitive decline?
thank you for the detailed answer. i am sort of struggling a little to understand the concept of latent inhibition. do you have a layman's terms explanation for it by any chance (I found Wiki to not be that) ?
comment Can adhd and ocd coexist? Is it in the same way mania and depression can coexist (in bipolar disorder)?
I think that in my case they coexist and I use my OCD as a crutch to compensate for my inability to focus and grasp larger chunks of data in my working memory (ADD). This manifests itself in many established routines that I must follow in order to keep control over my environment (OCD) because I easily get lost in ad hoc and spontaneous situations (due to ADD). Since I have utter intolerance of chaotic situations, I have to closely monitor that my surroundings are organized in a manner which is manageable by me, which makes me less compatible for social surroundings