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I'm a husband to my beautiful wife, father to our children, Computer Science graduate from University of Central Arkansas. I love my wife, our children, computers, playing guitar (especially singing/playing for my wife and/or kids), bicycling (including taking my kids for rides in my bike trailer), woodworking, airbrushing, digital and traditional artistry, playing games with my family (traditional and digital), my poor Chevette that I had to sell, throwing knives, firearms, knot tying, rope making, whip making, and really just learning new stuff in general. If I don't know about it I probably want to learn about it, if only so I can make informed decisions about it.

My three favorite programming languages are Python, Lisp, and Assembly (though I'm not sure about the order of those last two languages...), and I currently develop in .NET languages, especially VB.

I think the CANSPAM act is one of the dumbest pieces of legislation in the history of the universe

Code I can write/read (where 1 is just barely, 3 is the average user, and 10 is the language designer/guru level):

  • Python - 6/10
  • C++ - 4/10
  • Perl - 3/10
  • Assembly - 3/10
  • HTML/JavaScript - 5/10
  • VB.NET - 5/10
  • C# - 5/10
  • Befunge - 2/10

comment By learning to read and write upside down, what did I do to myself?
@StephenRound that is extremely interesting to me. Very cool!
comment By learning to read and write upside down, what did I do to myself?
@ajax333221 I doubt you'd get much negative transfer, since numbers are completely different symbols. Though you might find that you read math as words ;)
comment What is it about our brain that breaks when we hear ourselves with a delay?
Excellent links!
comment Why have historically most inventors been men?
Men were the layabouts, so we had more time to dream when the womenfolk were out working the fields ;)
comment By learning to read and write upside down, what did I do to myself?
Excellent answer, and now I have a term that actually describes what I did. An extra +1 for the da Vinci reference.
comment What is the psychology behind trolling?
I realized (at least for me) that when it comes to the vehicle it's actually seems to dissociation - I see the other drivers on the road as vehicles, not people (in fact I make comments to myself using their make/model). And I feel exceedingly awkward when I have road rage towards "someone" and then I realize I know them personally. I'm not terribly familiar with this area of research, just my own empirical evidence and possibly subjective interpretations. YMMV
comment Does writing something down help memorize it?
On a slightly related note, I wrote a Python flashcard script for testing myself on the Periodic table. I typed, not wrote, and it certainly helped (at least seemed to for me). If I got the element (or name, depending on which way I was testing) wrong, it would be returned to the pile, until the "stack" was empty. That lends weight, for me, to your assertion that the importance is more on testing than simply the act of construction.