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comment Are there any laws of memory?
Formally a law is an axiom of a theory. Laws of a theory allows you to derive theorems, and defines its level of soundness, completeness and falsifiability. Every theory has laws. Good laws make good theories. Human memory, contrary to the initial beliefs in the domain, is highly integrated to other (more complex) systems, such as consciousness, reward systems and learning; and this should be the simple reason why we don't yet have a good theory of it.
comment How is a young child able to learn language so easily?
Chomsky's approach of language development is nativist, as you mentioned. I find it a little descriptive. It does not tell you why those critical periods exist that way. I think that it lacks explanation. My opnion is that this stage like behavior stays as a group of abstract rules, and weakens the theory.
comment Neural networks with biologically plausible accounts of neurogenesis
I will be editing my answer by adding: 1) number n should have a considerably big value. 2) no need to add neurons, just assume that they are already there.