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comment Can reduced cognitive load lead to some kind of mental or physical “atrophy”?
So can you wash AstroTurf? The Wikipedia article doesn't say either way and I need to know! Also, how do you fit a whole pitch into the washing machine?
comment Reducing ceiling effect with a Likert scale measure
@half-pass I think Jens is just trying to clarify a few terms. Most commonly, one question is called a Likert item and a collection of them being averaged a Likert scale, whereas the value of a person for an item is called a score.
comment Why does staring at a single point make it easier to balance on one leg?
@what Want to convert that into an answer? I think it's more correct than the current answer and the upvotes on your comment seem to indicate others agree with me
comment What explains the relative importance of physical versus mental features in human mate selection?
Also, malnutrition and sickness in children impacts mental development, so it could be that we actually associate a healthy body with a healthy mind.
comment How can experimental compliance (willingness of participants to participate) be measured?
@Robert I only had a quick flick through the paper but the authors specifically measure the influence of participant personality (of which conscientiousness is one aspect) on participants' willingness to participate at all and in which form (online or in person), so unless you have reason to believe that a certain type of personality will be more eager during your experiment, this paper is probably not the best fit.
comment What is the psychology behind male pornographic actors having larger than average penises?
-1 A lot of unsupported assertions and opinions here. a) is similar to @John's answer, though I don't see why people should prefer large penises or breasts in porn but not in real life. In b) you seem to be asserting that porn producers cast men with big penises because they are in cahoots with the penis enhancement pill producers. Similarly, c) seems to state that porn is deliberately produced to be "unsatisfactory" and make people unhappy about themselves. d) just restates the OP's point that men seem to prefer big penises but doesn't attempt to answer why.
comment Are there any standard psychometric scales that are only applicable to within-subject designs?
I'm not "tricking" them, I'm simply asking "How happy would you be if I were to tell you, you're getting x litres of free beer" where x is my independent variable.