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Started programming 32 years ago. Circuit-building 29 years ago.

Finished high school as Valedictorian in 1988 with emphasis in sciences, computers, and electronics.

Graduated with a B.S Computer Engineering from Pacific Lutheran University, cum laude, 1992.

Became Network Engineer for the University directly after graduation, mastering linux, the Internet, and good documentation practices.

Soon became Director of Communications at same alma mater, managing quarter-million dollar budget for university networking infrastructure and transitioning them to the Internet Age (1995).

Took a leave-of-absence to study neural networks and self-organizing systems.

After a year, ended hitch-hiking around to find a university graduate program.

Ended up at MIT in 2000 and found my own "tribe" of creative, intelligent, and passionate individuals, and continued research.

Dropped out of society 2002 to jumped into the Unknown.

Emerged out of the Abyss and re-entered society four years later with a Plan: use the internet to transition society to a sustainable, love-centered planet with a new economic system.

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