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About Me

I'm a high school student interested in computers and computer programming. I am an active member of Programmers.SE and Stack Overflow. If you tried to check though, you would think that I'm rarely on SO. I seldom answer questions as I really don't have the knowledge to do so, or the question has already been thoroughly answered. I mainly read questions and answers to learn!

On Programmers.SE, I'm "Blog Overlord"! Yes, we do have a blog. It's actually filled with great content. If you want to help out or write a post, ping me or World Engineer in the Programmers Blog Chat Room.

I also oddly enjoy janitorial work around Stack Exchange. I tend to be close vote happy over on Programmers, and edit tons of questions!

Favorite Technologies

  • Perl - I don't care what anybody says, Perl is a great language. Plus, CPAN is amazing!
  • HTML, CSS, and Javascript - As a web developer, I need these languages. Who doesn't?
  • jQuery - To make Javascript awesome!
  • MySQL - Only database I ever use.
  • Windows - Mainly 7 & 8. This is my school OS.
  • Linux - Specifically Ubuntu, but starting to use Arch Linux. This is my development OS.