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It seems that it is still a matter of debate whether animals are capable of mind wandering. For instance, there are a lot of publications about foresight, a future directed instance of mind wandering. Much of it comes from one group, e.g., Suddendorf T, Corballis MC. (2007) The evolution of foresight: What is mental time travel, and is it unique to ...


The answer to this question could be found in the mind-wandering literature (see this for a review). Figure 1 in the paper really nicely depicts the possible situations possible when looking at task engagement and self-generated thought. I'll summarize them here: You are engaged in the task, i.e. attention is focused outwards, and the stimuli you perceive ...


What you refer to is probably 'controlling' your mind, which is a common practice called 'mindfulness training', i.e., learning to observe thoughts without interacting with them.

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