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There is a Ted talk by Miguel Nicolelis on Brain-to-Brain interfaces, mostly focusing on rats and monkeys, but he mentions at the end about a study in humans - from Grau et al (2014): Here we show how to link two human minds directly by integrating two neurotechnologies – BCI and CBI –, fulfilling three important conditions, namely a) being ...


Rigotti et al. have a model of the wisconsin card sorting task using a neural network and compare it with data from prefrontal cortex http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2967380/


The weights and bias for a given neuron depend on the task you are trying to solve. Each computation will have a different set of weights that will implement it.


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I do not know for sure, but I believe that the vectors would be created in a domain-specific manner. Vectors in the visual system would be created in a way that is particular to the needs of visual processing, etc. The reason why the vectors are represented as random in the semantic pointer architecture, is because from the point of view of the ...


http://www.nature.com/srep/2013/130228/srep01319/full/srep01319.html shows brain to brain interface in rats


It is very very important to note that in the brain, most neurons are receiving input from way more excitatory synapses than necessary to bring the neuron to threshold. The thing is that they are also receiving input from a huge number of inhibitory synapses as well. This means that it is not how many inputs that are active at a given time that determines ...


While model neurons like the leaky integrate and fire may use a simplification in which the neuron forgets all previous information when it emits a spike, in a biological neuron, the synapse and the soma are relatively electrically isolated from each other, so the voltage activity of the action potential does not make the synapse "forget" the EPSP. Although ...


Rao et al. 2015 claims to be the first demonstration of a brain-brain interface in humans, using EEG and TMS. Abstract We describe the first direct brain-to-brain interface in humans and present results from experiments involving six different subjects. Our non-invasive interface, demonstrated originally in August 2013, combines ...

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