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People use a wide range of language to describe measurement points in repeated measures design. For example if you measured some dependent variable on multiple occasions you might have something like: baseline (B) treatment week 1 (T1) treatment week 2 (T2) post treatment (F0) six month follow up (F6) one year follow (F12) Obviously such a design has ...


There is a program called Paradigm that allows you to build millisecond-accurate neurocognitive experiments for iOS devices. The experiment builder is like E-Prime but easier to use. The app is available in the app store. You upload your experiments to a Dropbox and then log in to access them through the app. It's pretty flexible. I've used it to build ...


NEO FFI Scoring The test manual describes how to calculate raw scores for the NEO-FFI. If you have been asked to do an analysis of the NEO-FFI then you should be given access to relevant details in the test manual. If you don't have access, you may wish to contact your local psychology department. They will often have a test library with the NEO-FFI manual. ...


I believe the prefix you're looking for is per. In latin, pre means "in front of", per means "through" and post means behind.

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