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I guess it depends on your purpose. If you are doing the MDS for more heuristic purposes, then often two dimensions (or possibly three) will provide the greatest visual insight. Also, my sense from looking at your dimension by stress plot is that the greatest gains are attained when going from one to two dimensions, that the gain from two to three ...


What you are actually asking about is the debate surrounding the question: Can psychological quantities be measured? Up until about 1800 psychological questions where discussed by philosophers. A separate psychological discipline did not yet exist. Answers to questions relating to perception, emotion and cognition where attempted on the basis of religious ...


In simplest terms, they are searching for objective, observable truth. Wikipedia seems to have quite a few references to this, see the quote/link below. In terms of the One-Factor-at-a-time, OFAT method was first recorded to have been used by James Lind. According to Wikipedia: "In 1747, while serving as surgeon on HM Bark Salisbury, James Lind carried out ...


I have started to see a fair bit of discussion about reproducible meta-analysis. Tim Churches seems to have a github repository with a few examples of meta-analyses in R. See in particular the public health example: RMarkdown source Formatted Markdown output

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