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library(IAT) library(psych) cleaned_IAT <- cleanIAT(myData = IATData, blockName = "BLOCK_NAME_S", trialBlocks = c("BLOCK2", "BLOCK3", "BLOCK5", "BLOCK6"), sessionID = "SESSION_ID", trialLatency = "TRIAL_LATENCY", trialError = "TRIAL_ERROR", vError = 1, vExtreme = 2, vStd = 1) ...


The best way to set up a Mechanical Turk longitudinal study is with TurkPrime.com. You can follow-up with users and invite them to take a new survey. As long as they are properly incentivized they will come. I recommend that you inform them at the start that you are running a 10 part study and that those who perform well on each of the 4 minute studies will ...

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