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I can't think of any. Certainly in Hollywood it's a critical genre...for both male and female alike. As far as a "behavior" the only one I am aware is pyromania...which I do think is uniquely male.


Because it it socially unacceptable to pick ones nose. However, we all do it at some point or another. Whether there is a tissue directly involved or not is another story. Also, typically people are alone in their car and due to "social inattention" (also called civil inattention they may assume that no one ...


It is my belief that liars inclined to lie to them selves. Freudian psychology can illustrate this point through the concept of the ego-sensor. Liars can be compelled to lie to themselves in order to protect the ego. Thereby, preserving their sense of identity. This usually occurs in the form of denial, detachment, or reattribution. I do not believe that ...

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