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Depends on the pattern of how this occurs -- the situation, consistency, and severity. If across situations, across different other people, and across different settings, this would indicate a personality trait. The person might be unaware of the social cues of others and draw attention to ideas that are interesting to them. Most people are interested in ...


This does not constitute a definitive answer, so I invite criticism and feedback. I don't believe there is a specific term for this state, as energy management and the introversion/extroversion scale seem to be a somewhat recent area of focus. However, it seems reasonable to think that the feelings experienced by an over socialized introvert may be similar ...


I think of it as "over-stimulated" when I find myself in that situation. I haven't needed to use it with others but it strikes me as a positive expression - too much of a good thing.


Passive-aggressive, hostile, officious? Their response is also biased, we may say we'll never do something.. it's still possible we will though given the right circumstances.

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