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Suicide is always a complex issue with many factors combining to put a person in a position whereby they feel that they have no alternative. It is dangerous to simplify this and say "she killed herself because she was being bullied online" because the majority of young people who are affected so severely by online bullying have underlying vulnerabilities ...


From my understanding of the problem and my years of experience with the internet since the early days when IRC was popular and web forums were just starting to emerge, I believe I can shed some light on this subject. probably not enough for a full answer but more than just a comment. I feel that a large part of the problem is the anonymity (or perceived ...


Actually it's an easy and hard question at the same time. The easy answer is that her brain failed when compared with the standard brain model we take as a model (brain of a conscious normal teenager). The hard part is which parts of the brain made the "wrong" (not expected decision be our society and most people in her age) thing and she commits a ...


Check out Networks, Crowds, and Markets (David Easley and Jon Kleinberg, 2010), esp. chapters 16 and 19.


DISCLAIMER: I do not have any official education in cognitive sciences. Maybe problem is not in saying "thank you", for me upvoting is very close to saying thank you. I think it is rather obvious what are benefits from discouraging "thank you", it would be hard to find real content in "thanks forest". Perhaps people wish that receiver knows who said thank ...


This is just a few thoughts. I agree with @adb that an obvious way to use facebook for conducting surveys is just to provide a link to an external website that runs the survey. There is an interesting article by Tan and colleagues where they talk about using paid advertisements to get targeted participants on Facebook. I thought the following statistics ...


You could try third party suppliers. There is currently a company offering free facebook surveys. Basically, create an account, create a survey, enter in a bit of information and presto, you have a survey. Try www.hiprewards.com. Building your own survey app for facebook is not a trivial undertaking.

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