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It is funny that you ask this question. The answer is you can't. When you dont get enough sleep and you feel tired and your brain activity is lower (for example, trouble remembering what you were doing or where you left your keys) you cant catch up to it. You might take a powernap (not longer than 90 minutes) to give you a sensation of feeling awake, but the ...


If you google "Sleep Hacks" you'll get a lot of good answers. Start by tracking your sleep with My Sleep Bot for Android or iPhone, or Sleep101 for iPhone. This will help you know more precisely what does and doesn't work. Each app also provides a lot more helpful features for better sleep. Turn off bright lights within an hour before going to bed. Your ...


Taking melatonin is a popular technique. Basically it's a hormone that regulates your sleep schedule- you can buy it anywhere that sells vitamins or dietary supplements. There's a very detailed writeup on the costs and benefits of taking melatonin that comes out unambiguously in favor of taking it: http://www.gwern.net/Melatonin

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