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In this case, wikipedia is not such a good starting point, because at least the German and the French articles do not seem very well developed and are unlikely to be representative of the research in the respective countries. This is in part my subjective opinion, but can also be seen in their length, which is very short compared to the English article. ...


Check out Networks, Crowds, and Markets (David Easley and Jon Kleinberg, 2010), esp. chapters 16 and 19.


There may not be a single paper that reviews all models, but I have listed some articles and books below that may meet your needs. Asakawa, Shinichi. (2003). Psychological applicability of simple recurrent neural networks. Japanese Psychological Review, 46(2), 274-287. De Mulder, W., Bethard, S., & Moens, M. F. (2015). A survey on the application of ...


Too long for a comment, so given as answer. I know of no studies, but what teachers do is connect each name to a face (that is "elaborate") and repeat this elaboration each time they enter class and check attendance (sort of like learning vocabulary or a poem). Personally, I write down the names in the sitting order of the pupils or students, because I ...

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