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The answer to your question is : Yes. Explanation Each person has extravert and introvert moments, and presuming you are classifying them as one or the other based on the majority collective observed moments, the result is as follows : Extroverts, defined as an outgoing, overtly expressive person. requires a destination for the 'output', which is ...


This is probably a bit old but there is a free iOS app called the PIEL Survey. It is in the App store. There is a web site which explains how to set up Experience Sampling surveys.


introspective behavior means that introverts spend more time thinking and contemplating on certain ideas and thoughts. These rare group of people enjoy themselves in a sandbox-like world where anything they do is possible, and anything they create is unfathomable to even the greatest thinkers. In general sense, since introverts do spend a lot of time ...


I interpret your question as a search for all kinds of characteristics for habitually non-aggressive people. Logically you could also put your question this way: What is characteristic only for people who are generally aggressive? How do you tell the difference between someone generally aggressive and someone not? Here are some things that recognize above ...

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