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Motor neurons, i.e neurons from wich there emerge coherent and parallel signals to our body to move it in an orderly and coherent way, are situated in the upper cortex, wich can be activated by will, or artificial (in wich case the ones who do the controlling do actually the same, also by will, only not to move their own body, but someoneĀ“s other). ...


The free iPhone/Android app Chromatic Vision Simulator mimics all 3 forms of color deficiency and allows you to apply a percentage of deficit to photos or live camera input.


Yes, Thinking without language is possible. Suppose a well-known boy "Mogli" who was left alone in jungle before he could learn language from his parents. But still he could manage to live many years in jungle till he met other humans. Mogli may be a fictional character but story is based on real incidence and much this kind of cases has been recorded. My ...


This isn't exactly what you are referring to, but I think provides a similar function and has been shown in vertebrate vision: Divisive normalization as a canonical computation across the brain While this does not implement histogram equalization, I think it is actually a better-suited explanation of the ...

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