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It is generally thought that thalamic input comes in layer 4, feed back from higher areas come through layer 1 to layer 2/3 and feed forward is sent from the deeper layers. see Canonical Microcircuits for Predictive Coding Andre Bastos, W. Martin Usrey, Rick Adams, George Mangun, Pascal Fries, and Karl Friston ...


Do you mean https://github.com/hantek/NeuroBricks ? This is a python framework you may need if you are dealing with a deep learning related source code.


The answer for the particular interface that you linked to is that a single scalar variable is being passed. The EMG activity in one person controls an electrical signal that is connected to a nerve in the second person, which when activated causes the muscle to contract. The EMG activity is thresholded and then the binary information of whether or not it ...


It is correct that only a small percentage of neurons increase their activities relative to their baseline level in response to new stimuli or to more abstract thoughts. There are many computational advantages to this. For instance, in deep learning, sparse coding is a class of unsupervised methods for learning sets of over-complete bases to represent ...

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