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The Hodgkin-Huxley is an observation on cellular processes. It cannot embrace structures as even of just a few neurons. Singular all-or-none options are ignored by the nervous system by biological default. There are no equations in psychology, unless you take an equation for a figure ...


The Hodgkin and Huxley model of neuronal firing is based on non-linear differential equations. A significant portion of research on sensation and perception is based on such models.


To complement the answers, there's also Just Another Tool for Online Studies: JATOS (disclaimer: I'm one of the authors). It's an open source tool that focusses on the server side. It will provide: a secure server a database (MySQL or H2) participant management (optionally prevents repeated access) a graphical user interface to access results run group ...


Say your juvenile offender are on average 16 year old boys from Britain, and the control group consists of (on average) 16 year old British boys who haven't done anything wrong. The only difference between these groups are the fact one has a criminal record or not. If you would look at the true norm, you could be looking at the world wide norm of both boys ...

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