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I'd like to address important issues that Jeromy Anglim raised in the "Personal thoughts" section of his answer, namely that correlation parameters (i.e., true, population, or infinite-sample correlations) often vary and covary among studies, and this between-studies\interstudy heterogeneity implies heterogeneity in studies' parameters for a structural ...


The following reviews some of the articles that I found discussing and implementing SEM meta-analysis to examine mediation. Cheung and Chan (2005) The authors distinguish three approaches of meta-analytic structural equation modelling (MASEM). Univariate two-stage MASEM: This includes a collection of two step approaches (note that Cheung and Chan call ...


I have started to see a fair bit of discussion about reproducible meta-analysis. Tim Churches seems to have a github repository with a few examples of meta-analyses in R. See in particular the public health example: RMarkdown source Formatted Markdown output


Bacon and Bean (2006) discuss the issue of the reliability and validity of GPA. They report the results of two studies that looked at the reliability of GPA in samples of business students at the same university. Average intercourse grade correlations were typically between $\bar{r} =.18$ and $\bar{r} =.38$. Estimates of reliability for GPA ranged from .67 ...

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