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More comprehensive ones than the abovementioned memory test include the Miller Forensic Assessement of Symptoms and the Structured Interview of Reported Symptoms. These assess a wide variety of psychiatric symptoms and are supposedly very hard to fake.


Tests for malingering are founded on the following assumption: there are symptomps that even the worst illness doesn't include. These tests aim at assessing these symptomps, that are unrealistic, fake. A famous memory test for malingering is Digit Memory Test (Hiscock et al., 1989) It is a very easy test, even a person with Alzheimer can perform well. ...


There is a workload measure called the NASA-TLX (Task Load Index), one component of which measures mental workload. It is self-reported workload, however, and also requires interrupting most tasks, so it has some theoretical as well as practical weaknesses. There is also decently good data that working memory load can be extracted from theta-band activity ...


Antoine Tremblay has just released an advanced analysis toolbox: http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/psyp.12299/abstract It's missing about half the features on your list, although fundamentally, spectral density is a simple task and LORETA is a stand-alone package anyways (although similar approaches, e.g. general CSD estimation, are implemented in ...

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