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ACT-R can best be summarized with this picture: ACT-R is a cognitive architecture that tries to explain as much of human behavior as possible with as little rules as possible. It works at a high level of abstraction and came down to a list of so-called "modules", each having its own functions. The exact mechanisms of each of these modules are actually ...


I'll offer my personal experience here. My mother tongue is Norwegian, second language English, third language Tamil. Having left Norway years ago, I think mostly in English and sometimes in Tamil.


Yes, there have been a number of studies on language development in children with congenital profound visual impairment (PVI) over the years. Selma Fraiberg first described differences in early development, specifically later emergence of personal pronouns compared to typically sighted children [1]. More recent studies found that the vocabulary development ...


Synapses likely change their strengths based on a form of spike-timing-dependent plasticity. Is this true for all types of synapses in all parts of the human brain? No, not all. For example, there is frequency-dependent-plasticity, where the firing frequency of the pre-synaptic cell will change the synaptic strength. In Nikolaev, et. al. (2013), ...

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