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There are often motor control issues, the case study below exemplifies these and an approach to overcoming them with help from technology. As well as the below, there are many personal accounts such as those of Carly Fleischman and Tito Mukhopadhyay that describe the struggle to align output with inner thought. Language is More than Speech: A Case Study ...


Verbalizing out loud is a technique that is actually very useful. Once this begins (out loud, I'm not sure about in your head) the amygdala gets slower and the prefrontal cortex lights up.


Preliminary answer I intend to improve later. Stumbled upon this in the context of description of how people read: According to this paper on readin (Sousa, 2005), novice readers internally verbalize written words of English and German using "an area of the brain just above and behind Wernicke's area". This area then communicates with the Broca's area and ...

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