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Difficulties with language is not actually a symptom of autism. Autism Spectrum Disorder involves difficulties in social communication and interaction, as well as restricted and repetitive interests or behaviours (DSM-V, 2013). The term "social communication" is referring to difficulties in the social aspects of language and other communication, such as ...


Once an individual moves to another country, and avoids using their native language, all the things you are asking about will happen: Those who have learned a second language are guaranteed to consciously think of words and their corresponding meaning in your native language or vice versa. I'd say only those who are in the process of learning a new ...


I think "remember" might be a better choice than "don't forget" because the former would be taken more as a suggestion while the latter sounds limiting (as if it were a prohibition of sorts). Humans probably in average respond better to positively formed suggestions.


I'd argue that Churchill's "Never, never, NEVER give up" didn't reputedly have this effect. With 'Don't forget' the 'don't' may well outweigh the infinitive verb in its cognitive effect, especially if stressed. The language here is of stimulation, incentivising, or command, and I'd say the more likely undesired reaction is the dislike of the perceived ...

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