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Imitating others behavior patterns while speaking was found to relate more to a cognitive perspective taking than empathy.Chartrand and Bargh 1999 People who do adopt language patterns and accents are actually aware that this makes them fit it and more likable. However, this becomes more difficult to do with age. People who do not imitate accents/speech ...


There are a number of findings showing that people who are low in agreeableness swear more often. Apologies for the long full quote, but the relevant literature has just recently been nicely reviewed in a chapter about "Natural language use as a marker of personality" by Ireland and Mehl (2014): Another face valid linguistic correlate of agreeableness is ...


We know that for example chimpanzees can think, in the sense that they can solve logic problems. They don't naturally use language. My guess is that language deprived people will think in the same way.


Probably in "visuospatial thinking". Thinking modalities: I assume here that you are asking about the modality of thinking. This is not a well studied area in cognitive science. I believe the question stems from an underlying assumption that most people think in their primary language (or possibly switch if they are fully bilingual). This was certainly ...


I think early exposure to multiple accents can do it. I and my brother have plastic accents from moving all over the country as children. We stayed long enough to go native each time. It's a survival technique, in my experience.

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