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Does the MBTI have a fundamental background? Yes. It is based on Jung's work, later published as Psychological Types (Collected Works, Book 6). Katherine Briggs, Isabel Myer's mother, did the initial work via communication with Jung. Like Jung, she had different theories at first, but dropped them when she heard of Jung's research on the subject. She ...


"Jung had the notion of an archetype, a universally known symbol." Archetypes and symbols are two different things. Jacobi explains it in her excellent book, Complex Archetype Symbol in the Psychology of C. G. Jung. "there is a lot of evidence that he viewed archetypes as innate predispositions with an organizing function" I'd like to see that "evidence". ...


There are not 16 Jungian types. There are 16 MBTI combinations and 16 Kersian (sub-)temperament types. All are related and easily confused. Jung, in Psychological Types (Collected Works, Book 6), defines two Attitude Types and four functions, splitting the latter into two groups of two. Attitude Type is Extraversion and Introversion and takes up 9 of the ...


It's because order doesn't matter with the types: ENTJ == ENJT When you remove the permutations of order, there are only 16 possibilities. Another way to think about it is that there are 4 traits, and each trait can take one of two values, so there should be 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 possibilities, which is 16.

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