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There's debate over whether Internet addiction is it's own disorder or a symptom of an underlying psychosis. See this essay by the first man to publish the term:


Digital Marketing often produces 'content' for users to consume. That content is ment to catch and keep the attention of the user, in an attempt to make the user trust and follow the sender (usually a website or blog). When the user shows engagement like clicking the right buttons, the user will somehow be tempted with some kind of offer (a newsletter, a ...


To complement the answers, there's also Just Another Tool for Online Studies: JATOS (disclaimer: I'm one of the authors). It's an open source tool that focusses on the server side. It will provide: a secure server a database (MySQL or H2) participant management (optionally prevents repeated access) a graphical user interface to access results run group ...


You should have a look at otree, "a Django-based framework for implementing multiplayer decision strategy games". It is manly designed for experimental economics, but it is a very neat and versatile piece of software, and I am sure you could actually run most psychological experiment with it. Once the experiment is coded, it only requires internet access ...

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