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I've seen this TED talk that suggests that cooking allowed humans to ingest more calories in a given day by "pre-digesting" food using fire. This caused "rapid" evolutionary increases in brain size. The talk suggests that gorilla brains are small because they spend almost entire day eating low calorie food and don't have spare energy to devote to brain ...


Our brain runs on a series of chemical and electrical reactions running at a stable pace. Unlike computers, you cannot "overclock" the brain into running these reactions any faster than normal. However, if we were to assume the psuedoscience to be true, it would be logical for the brain to undergo premature death. With the rates of these reactions increased ...


Few things: Affective disorder eg depression producing negative self efficacy. Psychosocial stressors concurrent with test Learning Disability Cultural background Level of motivation and understanding.


This question may be too complex to answer specifically as there are several components that identify Logical-Mathematical intelligence. In terms of behaviour high LMI people need things to explore and think about, and are often seen as manipulative and often seek new experiences or topic matter to discover. These people love to experiment, question, ...

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