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General points about practice effects Intelligence tests differ in how much they are subject to practice effects. Practice effects can also be distinguished: Time between taking the test: The shorter the timeframe the more likely you will see practice related improvement. General practice on similar tests and similar items versus practice on the same set ...


I'm not sure if this is what you are looking for, but the big umbrella term in the literature for puzzles like the Tower of Hanoi is problem solving. A Google Scholar search for "tower of hanoi" and "problem solving" generates ~5000 hits. Another related puzzle is the Tower of London, and that Scholar search generates an additional ~5000.


I found this twitter study of mood in the US (U.S. Mood Throughout the Day, as inferred from Twitter) and it clearly shows circadian variation of mood - happier in the morning and evening. I'm surprised to see such a dip towards lunch time though.


If the researcher randomly samples individuals from the population of interest and randomly assigns them to different experimental treatments, then it is a true experiment. Quasi-experimental design occurs when there is no random assignment to treatments. In general, true experiments can make claims about causality. Since all subjects in the experiment are ...

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