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There's a program called Paradigm that has built-in support for Self-Paced Reading, it also handles Arabic characters. You'll just type in your sentences and then use back-slashes to specify each segment. For example: The actress\shot\the officer\who\was standing\on the balcony Paradigm will log a timestamp for the onset of each segment (in Excel) so it's ...


IMO, for the following reasons: Not all questions are answered by Google. Most of the questions posted in online forums get opinionated facts as answers. Even if Google can lead you to these answers, posting it in a forum gives you a variety of answers from fairly like-minded people. 2.You get to know the standard and interestingness of the question you ...


What do you think about quick short-memory tests? It will measure distraction level and anxiety. Problem though is that first one must measure baseline rate of correct responses. For example, play game memory on 5x5 tile set.


A very common test of working memory is the N-back. In the N-back, the subject needs to remember what happened some number (N) of steps earlier. For example, imagine seeing the following numbers one at a time on a computer screen. Your task is to press a key whenever the number on the screen is the same as the number that was there 3 steps earlier: 1 4 5 2 ...

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