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It has been a while since I asked this question, but I've tried out PsychoPy as some people suggested in the comments, and so far I'm really digging it. If you want you can use only the GUI to create your experiment, but if you're doing more advanced stuff you can export the code and start digging around in it. As a bonus, it's also compatible with all ...


Based on your description I was able to find the following: -Klatzky, R.L. & Rafnel, K. (1976).Labeling effects on memory for nonsense pictures. Memory & Cognition, 4(6), 717-720. (there is a pdf version on researchgate.net, I couldn't upload it here) -Bower, G.H., Karlin, M.B., & Dueck, A. (1975). Comprehension and memory for pictures. Memory ...

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