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Of course, the type of data you use depends lot on what your model purports to explain. The way i take your question, you are looking for straight up artificial classification learning experiments. Is this correct? If so, John Kruschke has published several of his most important datasets on his website. I have often used these in my model testing. His '93 ...


You are correct in that these terms are very close in definition, but terminology is not just about identifying a concept. Terminology is also about identifying the perspective from which you will look at the concept and the community to which you, as the researcher, belong. Here, free-riding and social loafing have very different histories. Social loafing ...


I indeed think that it is not possible to conclude that the scales are used differently, based on variance alone. Normally one would assume the scale is used properly and the effect you see is indeed the result of (not) having a trained ear. There do exist ways to investigate how one uses a subjective scale. In a paper I presented, we looked at how people ...


No, I don't think so . Greater variance could reflect variance in perception just as much as variance in the way the rating scale is used.

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