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Most frequently people want a different version of what they already have or have liked in the past. That's why there are countless "clones" of video games, movies and books. Coolidge Effect explains why people devalue past sexual partners over time (as in your girlfriend example) and seek novel partners instead. Another explanation is that people want ...


Why do we want what we don't have? There are many different answers stemming from diverse theoretical approaches. I will list a couple, drawing heavily on a older review by Lynn (1992) who has collected different ideas about why desirability can sometimes be increased when something is unavailable to us. We perceive things that few people have as important ...


In economic terms this can also be defined in terms of marginal utility of a thing, experience etc. As soon as you have (enough of) something and/or got used to having it, something novel and/or relativelively scarce that might be useful will seem attractive. Maybe because it's evolutionary fit to strive for the optimal combination to increase pleasure.


I would describe this as a form/variant of aphasia. CBiship, PhD

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