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I am like that. I am mad and psycho.


The purpose of unbiased hit rate is to avoid invalid conclusions in cases where subjects indiscriminately use one (or only few) response options. To give an example (responses in rows, stimuli in columns): Happy Sad Angry Fearful Happy 1 0 0 1 Sad 7 8 6 5 Angry 0 0 0 0 ...


Depression is characterized by emotion dysregulation (e.g., Joormann & Vanderlind, 2014). This means that depressed patients have difficulties decreasing (downregulating) their negative affect and increasing (upregulating) their positive affect. This may be a consequence of cognitive distortions and deficits (Joormann & Vanderlind, 2014) as well as ...


I found this twitter study of mood in the US (U.S. Mood Throughout the Day, as inferred from Twitter) and it clearly shows circadian variation of mood - happier in the morning and evening. I'm surprised to see such a dip towards lunch time though.


This was much longer than I expected! There's quite a bit of ground to cover, but I try to go over it quickly. So, there are two implicit theoretical assumptions in your question: We have an "affect program" for fear in our brain (e.g., Ekman & Cordaro, 2011). When the fear program is activated, a specific pattern of changes in experience, behavior, ...

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