For questions regarding the concepts (e.g., happy, sad, angry) that we use to describe the changes in cognition, behavior, and experience that occur in response to physiological and environmental stimuli.


a natural instinctive state of mind deriving from one's circumstances, mood, or relationships with others.
"she was attempting to control her emotions"
synonyms: feeling, sentiment; reaction, response
$\quad\quad\quad\quad$"she was good at hiding her emotions"
$\quad\quad\quad\ $ · passion, strength of feeling, warmth of feeling
$\quad\quad\quad\quad$"overcome by emotion, she turned away"

· instinctive or intuitive feeling as distinguished from reasoning or knowledge.
$\ \ $"responses have to be based on historical insight, not simply on emotion"
$\ \ $synonyms: instinct, intuition, gut feeling; sentiment, the heart
$\quad\quad\quad\quad$"responses based purely on emotion"

For further information, see Wikipedia on emotion and mood.

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