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I think the question whether this experiment will give you useful data can be split into two parts: Does the EEG reflect the emotional state ? Does the stimulus (media,pictures) induce such an emotional state ? For the first question there is a lot of research going on and this review might be a good starting point to get into the topic. Without knowing ...


Advanced Brain Monitoring has amazing high quality EEG systems that are almost as good as medical grade equipment (Reference will follow). There are several choices you can make. There is the X-10 (9 channels plus mastoid and ECG), the X-24 (20 channels plus mastoid and ECG). Each of these systems also have accelerometers integrated. Moreover, ABM has a ...


There is a new FREE introductory document on the brain and EEG. You can download it over here: Other popular books are: - An introduction to event-related potentials, by Steven J. Luck. - (List will become more complete)


I don't have experience with consumer grade EEG, but at fp1 and fp2 you should be able to measure the P3a response. Given the high impedance you will need a lot of trials, but the response is typically seen at fp1 and fp2 in research. For the Tp sites they are a bit posterior but you may ...

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