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There is a lot of information on 'dream recall' related to research on lucid dreaming. For some quick information, I would take a look at Wikibook's page on Lucid Dreaming/Dream Recall. I have tried some of these techniques, and I found that what has worked for me in the past was trying to write down everything I can as soon as I wake up lying in bed, ...


im new here, so maybe i do not answer according to the rules, please tell me if so. i think the prove should be on the negative, because theirs no reason to believe animals do not daydream. if you ask a person if he can not daydream for a year.. he will probably answer he wont. also, you see people daydream from the moment they ware child's so, what i mean ...


The original reference on this subject seems to be L.A. Strümpell, Die Natur und Entstehung der Träume (1877). You can read S. Freud comments and reference additions in The Interpretation of Dreams (1899), and especially the section "Why Dreams Are Forgotten After Waking".

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