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This is probably a bit old but there is a free iOS app called the PIEL Survey. It is in the App store. There is a web site which explains how to set up Experience Sampling surveys.


This question is quite broad, firstly, because these tests measure different (though interrelated) cognitive faculties and at different developmental stages and secondly because there is a lot to say for each sensory impairment. However, it touches on quite interesting topics for which there have been many studies and I think a summary of the findings can be ...


I believe you yourself know that the easiest estimation about other human's personality is just us imagining being them. We even say "If I were you", "On your place I'd...". If you don't know the other human the best you can do is to act upon him as you'd like him to act upon you. I can't see anything more related. Maybe your question would be better if you ...

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