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Yes, that is the consensus view among psychiatrists and clinical psychologists (e.g., Parker et al., 2012). A commonly referenced authoritative guideline for treatment of major depressive disorder is the NICE guide. Reference Parker et al., Acta Psychiatr Scand (2013); 128(4): 271-81


I want to say that this kind of issue is environmental. Behaviours of perfectionism are developed because of certain factors that may stem from early childhood (as in how the parents treat the child). If self esteem is measured based on the standards that the authority sets, but the child cannot reach them, they may come to know themselves as inadequate. ...


Short answer Don't believe everything you read. Background The article cited (Kirsch, 2014) appears in a German journal with a mediocre impact factor. Not the most convincing platform. I'll cite parts of the abstract, starting with But analyses of the published data and the unpublished data that were hidden by drug companies reveals that most (...

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