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It is difficult to say that "common sense" is rigidly defined enough to be studied in the way stated above. There are interesting topics concerning common sense in Psychology, but most don't come from the angle you are suggesting. For instance, here is a really decent article discussing cognitive bias and common sense: ...


I asked the same question in the private beta of the newly open Economics.SE and got some interesting answers. You can check them out at http://economics.stackexchange.com/questions/95/experiments-contradicting-the-expected-utility-model


Disclaimed: this is my theory and is not supposed to be taken seriously. Being a little drunk I came up with an answer to this question based on the 3rd law of thermodynamics: In closed inertial system the entropy will only increase with time. Now entropy is basically a measure of disorder. The law tells us that whatever we do, the disorder will ...

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