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Not intuitive, but to save the value of a curve plotted in a graph: Right click the graph window, and choose "Pick Vector" Click on the desired curve (it should change color i.e. to red) In the NEURON Main Menu > Vector > Save to File Type in the file name > Save File will have two columns, first one for X-axis values (i.e. time) and second for the Y-axis ...


Typing the following into the NEURON console will reset and run the simulation: run()


Unintuitive, but it's in the right click > View sub-menu: Pan/translate: Right click the chart View > Translate Left click drag will pan around the chart Zoom: Right click the chart View > Zoom In/Out Left click drag horizontally or vertically to zoom the x or y axis Zoom in on a region: Right click the chart View > NewView Left click on the chart ...

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