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Imitating others behavior patterns while speaking was found to relate more to a cognitive perspective taking than empathy.Chartrand and Bargh 1999 People who do adopt language patterns and accents are actually aware that this makes them fit it and more likable. However, this becomes more difficult to do with age. People who do not imitate accents/speech ...


1. Are extraverts more talkative than introverts in oral communication? Yes they are. The (probably) best evidence can be found in research by Mehl et al. (2006) who "tracked 96 participants over 2 days using the Electronically Activated Recorder (EAR), which samples snippets of ambient sounds in participants’ immediate environments". The correlation of ...


I believe it has to do with two main factors: 1) Emotional response to one of the topics Consider the case where a webpage or paragraph of text contains multiple topics. Each one with different emotional response from the reader: Topic 1: X____| Topic 2: XX___| Topic 3: X____| Topic 4: XXXXXXXXX Topic 5: XX___| Where the number of X's is how strong the ...


I think early exposure to multiple accents can do it. I and my brother have plastic accents from moving all over the country as children. We stayed long enough to go native each time. It's a survival technique, in my experience.

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