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In general, personality traits correlate with most measures of satisfaction. Most notably, there is a large literature showing that personality correlates with life satisfaction (see Steel et al). In general, neuroticism is the biggest correlate followed by extraversion and conscientiousness. The following table from Grant et al summarises two major meta-...


Yes, that is the consensus view among psychiatrists and clinical psychologists (e.g., Parker et al., 2012). A commonly referenced authoritative guideline for treatment of major depressive disorder is the NICE guide. Reference Parker et al., Acta Psychiatr Scand (2013); 128(4): 271-81


This should be rather easy to find on google scholar, especially with the recent replicability crisis in social psychology. In particular, Bargh and Cesario has a few things to say in 'defense' of priming. You can start with Bargh's article, which is a response to this article by Bower. Cesario's article is here, and for an overview of the whole issue ...

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