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I've just read Dan Rasmussen's paper on general intelligence and I was wondering what other approaches for complex, scalable and adaptable learning have been tried in the past? This question's scope could be considered to include both reinforcement learning, as well as intrinsic learning and investigation. When I looked up the Wikipedia article for "General Intelligence" I was rather disappointed by it's lack of practical models.

I will of course be checking the references to this paper and post an answer as soon as I sort them out.

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I'm not sure "general intelligence" is the term you're looking for here: the word "intelligence" isn't used once in that paper, and, as you'll have seen on the wiki page, "general intelligence" refers to an individual differences measure, strongly related to IQ. That said, "Learning" is a very, very broad term in psychology, so you may get some diverse, interesting answers here if what you're looking for is computational models of learning. –  Eoin Aug 14 '14 at 14:20
Oh. I got the idea of "general intelligence" based off of his master's thesis where his model solves Raven's matrices. I'll edit my question once I find a better term. –  Seanny123 Aug 14 '14 at 16:10

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