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Background : I have noticed that when I move to a new environment (e.g., when I get a new job or relocate to a new country) that it seems to take a few months before the experiences of the day and my new acquaintances appear in my dreams.

What is the relationship between time experiencing an environment and the occurrence of that environment in one's dreams?

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When I was a child, during the holidays I once rode a small ship to an island far out at sea. The waves were high, and the ship rode the waves like a bucking stallion. I dreamed of the ship's movement the following night. As an adult, I recently had to do a highly focussed, time consuming, monotonous sorting task. The following night I dreamed of what I did that day. In both examples, there was no delay for my dreams. But both dreams did not include people. I rarely dream of people I know, at least I don't remember any such dreams. So there may be a delay for dreaming of people. –  what Apr 8 '14 at 4:48

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