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Why do some people oppose military drone (e.g., unmanned aerial vehicle) activity while others support it? [Influences on military and political attitudes may also be of general interest. - Edit.]

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Welcome to cogsci.SE. I've edited your question a bit because it was flagged (automatically, I think?) for being too short, basically. I focused the title on drones, gave an example, and mentioned that you might be interested in broader topics of military and political relevance. This should help keep things a little more focused without sacrificing the broader relevance. Hope you don't mind; feel free to edit if you see a better way to elaborate a little bit. For example, you'd be welcome to write a little more about what you already know or have researched for yourself. –  Nick Stauner Mar 21 at 17:48
No that's great Nick thank you. –  user4665 Mar 23 at 17:03
This question is opinion-based and too broad –  Chris Stronks Dec 9 at 12:26